Featured Speaker – FAUO JENG

Fatou has five years’ experience in the climate activism space. She is the founder of Clean Earth Gambia, a youth-led NGO focused on gender, climate change, conservation, and environmental awareness. She also serves as the Policy Operations lead for Women and Gender in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Youth Constituency ( YOUNGO), […]

Featured Speaker – DUMISO GATCHA

Dumi is proudly Pan African and unequivocally nonbinary queer feminist working on eliminating the barriers between the grassroots experiences and global policy making. This includes advocacy linking human rights and sustainable development in decolonizing knowledge production whilst safeguarding and strengthening youth agency (voice and visibility) in HIV, SRHR, UHC, LGBTIQ+, Governance, Treaty Bodies and Special […]

National Consultation

MLA for feminist organization & climate justice in Antigua & Barbuda.

Miss Caribbean UK 2022 – Trishauna Stewart

In representation of land Warm greetings, I am Trishauna Stewart, a (diasporic) representative of Jamaica, who currently holds the status of ‘finalist’ in Miss Caribbean UK 2022. I here transmit a trans-national/trans-continental salute to all young women in this movement; a unique scholar- activist led space of activism. With you in this space I inscribe, […]